Drunken Empire


We are boarded by pirates. We get REKT.

The Desolation Alley Incident
Chaos ensues.....

Imperial Forces clash with Rebel forces! Sigil’s plan to free his partner Masso Klykk goes horribly wrong when Lord Vader shows up in the maximum security hold. The crew barely escapes with their own lives. All of Sigil’s lackeys are scattered save Boswith “The Toe-Slayer”, who continues to follow the group, now linked up with Tad again. They free the Zabrak siblings Varga and Kloke who tell Tad that they were hired by his parents to bring him back home. Unable to find Tad’s ship they instead are able to repair a large assault ship and fly off of the Oovo IV prison asteroid. They are now on their way to planet Boonta in Hutt space in search of reliable transportation.

Prison Break
Knockin' boots!

The pod race is about to start! Sigil has given each member of the party communicators to keep in touch during the operation. Due to their cheap “black market” origins, Tad is out of range for most of the events while he is at the pod racetrack.

While Tad is prepping for the race, Sam places bets on him, a sure loss but necessary to avoid suspicious eyes. All bets are in and Sigil gives the signal. The prisoner that collected the bets starts an argument with a guard and is hit. He dramatically tumbles back spilling the money to the ground. Sigil yells out that the guards are once again pocketing all the bets for themselves. The feign works and an all-out riot ensues! At the same time the pod race begins!

Gr’vesh and Sam rush the guards by the transport doors during the confusion. Sam quick draws his shiv catching one of the guards off guard. The blade sinks into the side of his neck. Not enough to keep him down, the guard breaks free from Sam and blocks Gr’vesh’s stab, but is soon overwhelmed as Sam’s blade finds its mark on the other side of the guard’s neck.

As soon as the blade finds its mark the guard is possessed by a time traveling Force master. There is no time to block the attack and the master dies inside his host disintegrating the body. That incarnation of the master is defeated, but our gang may yet cross paths with another of his incarnations. Sam and Gr’vesh, caught up in the heat of battle, ignore this.

Without missing a beat, they engage the second guard, who is ultimately overwhelmed by a swift shiv toss from our friend Toe Slayer. The doors are now unguarded and as promised by Sigil, the locking mechanism malfunctioning. Sam and Gr’vesh ride the elevator to the top of the wall as planned. During this time Gr’vesh strips naked since being a Defel, most creatures have a very difficult time seeing him in this state.

The doors open, but unfortunately droids are waiting for at the top. They are able to sense the Defel and immediately open fire on him. In the confusion, Sam stays out of sight, equipping himself with Gr’vesh’s boots. Gr’vesh is able to make it to the security shack with only minor wounds thanks to his short stature and nimble feet.

Sam is able to take a droid by surprise and engages it at extreme close quarters making it nearly impossible for the droids to get a shot off at him. After a short scuffle, Sam lodges the boot into the droid’s gun causing it to misfire and blow up in the droid’s hands. In this moment, Sam uses the droid’s momentum to toss it into the droids chasing Gr’vesh, giving him crucial time to unlock the door to the security shack.

While this was happening, Gr’vesh was tampering with the door to the security shack. He finally got the door open, but not before accidentally causing an energy surge which blew the circuit and caused a massive EMP that disabled the remaining droids. There were apparently three guards in the security shack. Two ran right past Gr’vesh failing to notice him. They looked around in utter confusion at the carnage along the wall top. This was all the time Gr’vesh needed to sneak inside with the lone guard and lock the door behind him.

By this time, Sam had made it to the turret on the far side of the wall. He noticed the remains of a ship in the prison yard, shot down by the turret. He remembered hearing the blast during the ride up the elevator, but was not able to discern what it was and why it was there. He also noticed that Imperial forces were descending on the prison between the wall and the pod racetrack! Things are getting too crazy too fast!

The turret is being manned by two Ugnaughts. Sam disrupts the gunner with a well-placed shiv-throw to his shoulder. The second Ugnaught swings a stun pike at Sam, missing him but leaving an opportunity for Sam to get around him. Now there is only one Ugnaught between him and his destination. Unfortunately, the turret is swung around dazing Sam, but it keeps the distance between him and the attacking Ugnaught. Sam stumbles towards the door and still has enough sense to be able to wrestle the gunner out of his position. knocking him out with the remaining boot. In his dazed struggle the boot ends up being knocked out the window to the courtyard below. Sam counters the oncoming Ugnaught by tossing his friend into him. This causes him to lose his footing, but not before unholstering the unconscious gunner’s blaster pistol that Sam missed in his dazed state during all of the commotion. The blaster fires into Sam’s shoulder causing massive damage. He stumbles back and feels around for the controls to the turret. The Ugnaught stands and orders Sam out of the turret, but he instead pulls the controls swinging the turret into the Ugnaught’s head. He staggers nearly falling off the wall. Sam quickly closes the distance before he is able to recover and grabs the pistol away from him, knocking him off the wall in the process.

There is no time left as Sam gets the order to move out now or be left behind. Before he leaves, he removes the shiv from the unconscious gunner and lodges it into the controls of the turret, causing it to fire wildly at the oncoming guards giving enough suppression fire that Gr’vesh and Sam are able to safely meet up at the transport In this time To Slayer and some of Sigil’s other lackeys had apparently met up with Gr’vesh as they were with him during the reunion.

Gr’vesh apparently had no easy time taking care of the security controls. The final guard, on high alert, noticed him. Gr’vesh quickly killed the lights in the security shack and a blind battle was waged. This got very dangerous when the door was finally pried back open. There was an all-out battle for the security shack, only ending when Toe Slayer and some of his companions responded to Gr’vesh’s distress calls. Eventually the room was secured and the security systems deactivated. None too soon as Gr’vesh received the signal to move out or get left behind. They also got a signal from Sam to get away from the security shack immediately because it was in his line of fire. Not wanting to be down range of a turret, they hastily left the shack making their way to the transport. Gr’vesh noticed the chaos that was the prison yard below, and the wild firing of the turret. And there was Sam running towards the transport quickly. Toe Slayer offered pinpoint cover fire with his mighty shiv prowess, filling out the unpredictable defense being offered by the rogue turret. Everyone safely made it to the transport just as the turret fell silent. They rode the transport deep into the belly of the prison, where they were to rendezvous with the others…

Lock It Up
Shiver me timbers!

The gang is unloaded off the transport ship to find themselves on the moon of Oovo IV in Desolation Alley prison.

Sam Starbridger uses his street smarts and charm to win over the crime boss Sigil. The gang, having proved their value to Sigil, are introduced to his jailbreak scheme. Tad will be entered in the local pod race, but will sneak off to a rendezvous point at a certain dead zone in the media and security coverage along the track. There he will pick up the rest of the escapees using the customized pod racer as a getaway vehicle. Meanwhile Sam Starbridger will cause a distraction along the top of the prison wall and attempt to disable the sole turret up there, giving Gr’vesh an opportunity to sneak into the security shack and disable the security systems around the prison. Meanwhile Sigil will be rescuing a “friend” called Masso Klykk from deep below the prison, reserved only for the most dangerous of prisoners. This should be easy enough with all the commotion going on topside and the lack of security measures thanks to Gr’vesh’s handiwork. Once everyone has reconvened at the rendezvous, a daring escape will lead the ragtag bunch to a drop ship where Sigil’s off-world companions will be waiting.

Having all agreed to this plan (at least superficially), Sam Starbridger makes friends with Boswith “The Toe-Slayer” , a lackey of Sigil’s renowned for his ability with shivs. Sam uses his keen eye, street smarts, and underworld knowledge to learn how to make and utilize a shiv. Sam Starbridger is able to make shivs for Gr’vesh and himself. Tad declines the offer, not seeing a need for one to complete his role in the plan.

Gr’vesh is given a cheap “black market” slicing toolkit by Sigil, which Gr’vesh is able to tune to an at least satisfactory level.

Tad spends his time becoming accustomed to the pod racer he will be using, and even wins (narrowly) his preliminary race.

The gang, provisioned and with a daring plan in mind must now await the day of the jailbreak. In the meantime they spend most of their time toiling away in the dangerous toxic gas mines surrounding the prison…

Casino Royal Pain in the Ass!
Just another day in Cloud City...

A young pilot is just finishing an important business transaction with everyone’s favorite assistant to Baron Lando Calrissian and decides to stop in at Cloud City’s hottest new casino, the “Mustang 45”. Only looking for a bite to eat and perhaps his next business venture, he hadn’t planned on being on the wrong end of his next deal…

The Mustang is most definitely poppin’, and one of Cloud City’s own notorious gamblers is making the most of it. Credits are sliding over the greasiest table in the joint, and this gamblin’ man is willing to keep laying it down as long as the liquor keeps flowin’. It’s flames at the table games, until the tables turn…

Another young business man is looking to make his mark in the big city, taking in the scenes and staying keen to all the action going down in the Mustang. But the curious cat may now wish he was not so perceptive when another stray cat caught his attention…

The “heroes” look to possibly cut a business deal with a shady character. Although they are able to talk their way out of an all out blaster pistol war, they still find themselves in the slammer thanks to a very shady Gungan by the name of Bon’zee. The party members each take turns telling their side of the story to officers Brock and Rock, who appear to have an ulterior motive to locking them up. After their stories are told, they are stripped of all of their equipment and loaded up on the back of a space paddy wagon to destinations unknown. As the ship leaves the hangar, they are able to notice another pilot making away with our pilot’s own ship. They also notice some credits being exchanged between Bon’zee and Officer Brock, who then proceeds to shove the Gungan to the ground.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode…..

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