Drunken Empire

Lock It Up

Shiver me timbers!

The gang is unloaded off the transport ship to find themselves on the moon of Oovo IV in Desolation Alley prison.

Sam Starbridger uses his street smarts and charm to win over the crime boss Sigil. The gang, having proved their value to Sigil, are introduced to his jailbreak scheme. Tad will be entered in the local pod race, but will sneak off to a rendezvous point at a certain dead zone in the media and security coverage along the track. There he will pick up the rest of the escapees using the customized pod racer as a getaway vehicle. Meanwhile Sam Starbridger will cause a distraction along the top of the prison wall and attempt to disable the sole turret up there, giving Gr’vesh an opportunity to sneak into the security shack and disable the security systems around the prison. Meanwhile Sigil will be rescuing a “friend” called Masso Klykk from deep below the prison, reserved only for the most dangerous of prisoners. This should be easy enough with all the commotion going on topside and the lack of security measures thanks to Gr’vesh’s handiwork. Once everyone has reconvened at the rendezvous, a daring escape will lead the ragtag bunch to a drop ship where Sigil’s off-world companions will be waiting.

Having all agreed to this plan (at least superficially), Sam Starbridger makes friends with Boswith “The Toe-Slayer” , a lackey of Sigil’s renowned for his ability with shivs. Sam uses his keen eye, street smarts, and underworld knowledge to learn how to make and utilize a shiv. Sam Starbridger is able to make shivs for Gr’vesh and himself. Tad declines the offer, not seeing a need for one to complete his role in the plan.

Gr’vesh is given a cheap “black market” slicing toolkit by Sigil, which Gr’vesh is able to tune to an at least satisfactory level.

Tad spends his time becoming accustomed to the pod racer he will be using, and even wins (narrowly) his preliminary race.

The gang, provisioned and with a daring plan in mind must now await the day of the jailbreak. In the meantime they spend most of their time toiling away in the dangerous toxic gas mines surrounding the prison…



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