Drunken Empire

The Desolation Alley Incident

Chaos ensues.....

Imperial Forces clash with Rebel forces! Sigil’s plan to free his partner Masso Klykk goes horribly wrong when Lord Vader shows up in the maximum security hold. The crew barely escapes with their own lives. All of Sigil’s lackeys are scattered save Boswith “The Toe-Slayer”, who continues to follow the group, now linked up with Tad again. They free the Zabrak siblings Varga and Kloke who tell Tad that they were hired by his parents to bring him back home. Unable to find Tad’s ship they instead are able to repair a large assault ship and fly off of the Oovo IV prison asteroid. They are now on their way to planet Boonta in Hutt space in search of reliable transportation.



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